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Hi, my name is Cobus and it’s awesome to have and welcome you to the randomness. To begin with, here is a quick background snippet of what was going through my mind when this whole thing started!

A few years ago I was a bit frustrated with my situation after taking stock of my life, of where I was and where I wanted to be and what I dreamt of it being. 

I lived the supposed dream that was sold when we all grow up yet trapped in a race that I was battling to figure out. Credit cards, loans, insurance, cars, homes, keeping up with the Joneses, debt, saving, long hours at work, commuting, retirement and I can go on and on and on….

In short..

It all felt a bit aimless, You have no control of your time. You are at the mercy of a job you choose ages ago. So basically, you are controlled by a *system that is rigged that sells a game we are supposed to play where we don’t know all the rules, and we are bound to lose. It seemed that nobody had another way and everyone else was busy with the same battle.

I somehow knew deep inside there is a better alternative way of doing things that the ordinary man did not think off. I then and there set out on changing my story and determined to find a better answer… *If this sounds remotely familiar and if you are trying to make a big change, you have come to the right place, join me in the search for better and alternative ways you can enjoy life on every level.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Chinese proverb
Cobus from Random Basics Hi yes, that’s me the guy with the beard! Some people do stuff other create stuff, So what do I do?  I like to improve stuff. We all probably do all of these but Yes, in summary, that’s the cheesiest thing I could come up with, keeping in mind that I am a bean-counter who stare at spreadsheets all day, but at night and in my free time I hustle with side projects, experiments and challenges. I am pretty good at and like to help people make better decisions, problem solving, thinking clearly and helping generate new ideas and thus improving things. My ultimate and personal goal in life and what I am obsessed with is doing whatever I want, whenever I WANT, without any restrictions, be that money or whatever. And this drove me to change and find better answers, and it still drives me to improve and explore alternative, unusual ways to do things and enjoy my life. Why? Because I am not there yet and a strong belief that everything can still be improved on. I want total freedom. Freedom of time, the Freedom of choice and the freedom of Money to do what I want and live on my own terms! I eagerly learn and think about these “stuff” and act on it to improve daily. This site tells that story as I share my experiences, projects, failures, struggles and fun I am having with the hope that it will trigger something within you to start your journey too. I like to invite you to join the fun & chaos and jump into the unknown with me… *See more random things about me at the bottom of the page!  


More About Random Basics

  After years of discovery and looking for alternative Ideas, I still research and test Inventive Ideas to simplify, grow and improve my life and strive to help the people I come in touch with. Random Basics is a case study of what I do, learn and experiment with. It shares the journey in the form of tools, tips and strategies to improve your decisions and optimise your life = #upgradeyourself. Learn anything from how to improve your mindset , money and life so you can live on your own terms and achieving the freedom you deserve.  

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Random Basics community is a think tank, a home for remarkable people making a difference by stretching their potential, living without regrets and helping others.

We can make a dent in changing the world for the better. By improving and learning new valuable skills and knowledge we can leave a legacy of integrity, honour, leadership, desired results and freedom! Random Basics will help encourage more execution, simplistic thinking, and the focus on growing competencies to achieve the freedom of Choice, Time and Money.

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What binds all of this together is asking better questions asking if there is a better way, an alternative way of doing things. Challenging popular belief, doing things differently and playing by our own rules. So what are you waiting for?

So What’s in the Box?

Live Projects:
  • “Stuff I Write”- Articles sharing ideas, that provoke smarter thinking and more doing. Aiming to transform thinking into more action.
Projects in the making:
  • ”Break my Mind” – The Monthly Newsletter where I share the best interweb content -exclusively hand picked- just for you.
  • After-Hours – a Project in the making, stay tuned.
  • The Stream’s Experiment – Coming soon, watch this space.

{Random stuff about me} ©

    • I drive my gorgeous wife nuts. (that’s double brownie points right there).
    • I am plagued by Optimism believing there’s always a chance or a way!

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  • I am freakin lazy and masterful at the art of procrastination!
  • I  have travelled to 20 countries and counting…
  • I like camping, exploring and the outdoors/wild!
  • I will travel indefinitely for a living, you don’t have to ask twice. / just give me that option.

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  • I strive to be the best version of myself improving every day.
  • I aim to live every day with no regrets aiming to wake up someday without the need for an alarm and one day to attend an important business meeting in shorts and flip flops.
  • I suck at moderation, it’s full tilt or nothing at all.
  • I like to ask why and I like to challenge authority, it makes for good conversation, stimulate thinking and gets me into trouble sometimes.
  • A Jack of all trades, a student of many. I do a lot of stuff – maybe sometimes too many.

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  • I dislike two words = normal and retirement.
  • Dream Car 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302
  • Addicted to coffee & I enjoy a smooth whiskey or wine.
  • Meat lover and like to “braai” – cooking with fire.

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  • Rugby is just an awesome game that runs in my blood.
  • An ageing body made me settle for a more frustrating game of chasing a small white ball around a course.

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  • I enjoy making videos especially of breathtaking places like Iceland!
Land of Fire and Ice #iceland from Cobus van Vuuren on Vimeo.  


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