Feel tired? Boost your energy with this easy trick!

feel tired

A majority of people struggle with fatigue and feel tired during the day.


This simple idea I am sharing with you will give you the energy boost you need.


I hope you are brave because you will need some courage for this one, or at least at the beginning!

I got this idea from listening to an old man with a strange accent explaining the benefits of this practice he passionately followed each day.

I was amazed at what he accomplished and what he has done, almost to the point of disbelief.

I followed my curiosity and decided to give it a try.

It worked out nicely as our next travel destination would be a perfect place to try it out in nature.

After Google (a man’s best friend)  gave me a few articles to read and a few instructional youtube videos I had the main idea worked out and entered the “what’s the worse that can happen” mode.

My lovely wife does not fully approve of this “mode” much and after a “You are Crazy!” remark from her I knew I was on the right track.


The energy of the mind is the essence of life. – Aristotle


The fact that it was so simple almost bothered me but the advantages mentioned outweighed the objections and endurance needed to do the practice on a daily basis.

Some of the benefits include: It burns fat (that’s pretty good, I could use that). It Relieves stress & depression. Keeps skin and hair healthy. Speeds up recovery (I see it utilised in the sporting world).

The advantages I was interested in was increased alertness, better circulation and increased energy levels!

Why does this matter?

There were two problems I wanted to solve:

I am not particularly a pleasant person in the morning and wanted to improve on that and have more energy and alertness.

I work a desk job and sometimes struggle at the office when the afternoon slump hits. I wanted all day energy and improved focus, so I could do and enjoy all the things I am working on.

Ok so by now you are wondering what the simple method that boosts your energy and stops you from feeling tired is?


Enter the Iceman.

The old man I listened to is called “The Iceman”, Wim Hof and his practice called The Wim Hoff Method.

We were on our way to Iceland, and I started to experiment with cold showers. Jip you read correctly.

I had to build up my courage and endurance to brave the cold waters of Iceland. Iceland promised hot springs in most places, so it could serve as an escape after dipping into an icy river or cold ocean. (bucket list)


Wim Hof is a Dutch daredevil who uses breathing, meditation and cold exposure techniques to do nearly impossible human feats.

He holds 26 world records including climbing Kilimanjaro in shorts in just 2 days.  You can check out his website, and also his Ted Talk to learn more about him. Fascinating man.

Feeling Tired
Wim Hof holds the Guinness World Record for longest ice bath — 1 hour and 52 minutes. Henny Boogert/www.icemanwimhof.com

Feel tired no more!

Iceland was a blast but what was more telling to me was the fact that I was filled with energy and I felt amazing.

Trying out the cold wherever I could, it built up almost a longing in the body to do it every day like a drug. It gave the body a shock that boosted energy, and you just wanted more!

It ‘s hard to explain the feeling of rushing energy, even long after the cold exposure.

It is like being excited and nervous at the same time with a type of clarity behind your eyes as if a torch was shining through them.

The world looked much brighter than it did previously. It was either cold exposure, or there was something in my coffee each morning haha…


But what did it feel like?

I would submerge myself in the glacier cold icy rivers or salty sea, while I feel how the blood pumps away from my skin, hand and toes travelling to my vital organs. A weird feeling.

It was like the blood was sucked up and called back to the heart. I could feel my hands and feet go numb almost instantly.

The worst part is at the beginning, but once you are in the water you stop shaking, you breathe normally and then feel all the sensations.

With my hands and feet completely numb, I would run to the natural hot springs.

The hot water would sting with a million needles and bring a burning “deep-heat” feeling to the skin. An exhilarating feeling as your body tries to return to its regular state.

After doing this shock therapy a few times and even getting some of the other tourists to join in, I was hooked and felt fantastic.


A warm Iceland hot spring with the Icy Cold North Atlantic Ocean in the background.


From there on every chance I got, I was looking out for some ice water or the sea.

My energy increased ten fold, and we were going day and night. ( it does not get dark, so it’s easy to forget to go to bed)

This method was a great find for me. Although I miss the icy cold waters of Iceland, once in a while, I would get enough ice together to fill the tub and dive in. (Caution there are risks involved submerging in cold water)

The water here in West Africa is not that cold with a minimum winter temperature of 14 degrees Celsius. But I continue with the practice of starting the morning with a cold shower and another one after the afternoon’s exercise to boost energy for activities.

It shocks me awake gives me energy, it has become a daily habit.

I am much more alive in the mornings and the afternoon dip faded away!

It might seem too simple and not pleasant to try but if you struggle with some “oemff“, I would suggest you give it a shot.

Remember hot water is there to relax, while cold water will energise and wake you up.

You will scream like a girl when the first water hits, you will laugh at yourself thinking “what am I doing?” and you will always leave with a smile.


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Taking Action: 30 Day Challenge:

Feel tired and want to try it out? Start off with small steps.

Start your day with a 1-second cold shower. Take 2-3 deep breaths close your eyes and then step into the cold, knowing you can turn on the hot water at any time.

Each day add a second till you reach 30 seconds in 30 days.

Track the way you feel and if you notice any changes. Be sure to give some feedback on your experience.


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