What is cash on cash return

Cash On Cash

  It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves: how can we keep our day jobs and still make extra cash? I’m telling you there is a way. Through making the right decisions in property investing you can easily earn extra income. All you need is one simple formula.    How cash-on-cash return works In real … Read more

Stop Procrastinating: 17 ways to take more action effortlessly!

stop procrastinating

What’s the Meaning of Procrastination   Introduction: The English Poet Edward Young once wrote, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” A less poetic definition of procrastination would be simply avoiding doing a task that needs to be accomplished. Or, mathematically, you could look at it like this: Procrastination = (delay + postponing) x Action You … Read more

How to be mentally strong: What a Military Coup taught me about mental toughness.

how to be mentally strong

Anyway, Why Mental Toughness and why learn how to be mentally strong? Tough times are life’s inevitable events. We face health, financial, economic and emotional crisis almost daily. How do we cope with the mental strain?  How do we handle self-doubt and anxiety? Our world, especially the news are filled with negative thinking. This environment … Read more

talk about random

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